Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Left Eats Its Own (UPDATED-Not a Student, Works for CAIR!)

"Not safe" is the new shut up.

The 'safe space' p&ssies really piss me off.

Even at my gym, there are proclamations about it being a 'safe space'. I just want to go for a run and a schvitz, OK? I've seen "safe space" signs at libraries also. When I go to the library, I want to study, research or take a book out-I don't need any preening proclamations about "safe" space.

At schools, they should teach.

At gyms, you should sweat.

Oddly enough, schools that need (actual) "safe" places are in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the Gaza Strip and Afghanistan for example, where it's actually not "safe" to be a living, breathing human female and want to learn at the same time.

The Canadian soldiers who were murdered last week though they were in a "safe" space-Canada. So did our Prime Minister and Members of Parliament. A majority of Canadians probably think they are "safe" as well.

The baby who was murdered, in her carriage, in Jerusalem, in front of her parents, by a vehicular Palestinian jihadist - her parents thought she was safe. She had 9 "safe" months in her mother's womb, 3 short "safe" months out of the womb and then was mowed down by a barbarian in a car, prowling for Jews to murder. 

So, in a nutshell, all the 'safe space' cretins can bite me.

Hey, look at this update: 

Not a student, works for CAIR.