Sunday, October 26, 2014

Must Read Rex Murphy: In the Shadow of A Young Corporal's Death, Canada's Greatness Shines Through

This is a beautiful column by one of Canada's most thoughtful and eloquent thinkers and writers.

There was a lot of goodness and bravery on that dark day. I think it's really important to remember though that for the immediate family, there is no 'getting over' this catastrophe. There is only 'getting through' a very sad, new life without a loved one.

And as much as the picture of Corporal Cirrilo's dogs was heartbreaking, we must remember all the pictures we will not see of his young son.

Murphy writes:

"Everyone has seen that image, the huddle of people bent over him, and, as we have learned from news stories, even to his last breath assuring him that “he was loved.” It was very much the parable of the Good Samaritan in real and present time, only in Ottawa Wednesday morning, it wasn’t one Samaritan. There were at least four."

"Such loving attention, at a time when the scene was still in chaos and it was unknown how many shooters there might be, said so much more than the thousands of words we have heard. Even in the shadow of the young corporal’s death, it is not too much to say that this was a very gratifying moment — a tragic moment, but one worth honouring. All Canadians immediately recognized the actions of the corporal’s final companions as an example of how people should act at such a time, how we would wish to have acted. And how, heaven forbid, we may wish to be treated if it was us laying on that sacred ground, breathing our last breaths."

Do read the whole thing. 

Regarding the National Post: 

I am still tempted to cancel my Saturday subscription to the National Post because page A2 featured that disgusting apologist for terrorism, Karen Armstrong-who has the nerve to claim that those goofy guys in Syria, those silly ISIS folks just don't understand Islam. You see-she does but they don't. 

Who picked that cretin to "explain" away terrorism in the National Post-really a loathsome choice, indicating a pathetic bias.