Friday, October 10, 2014

Eurabia is Doomed: Dutch Hate Speech Edition

Nice knowing you, Europe. 

"Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders has been summoned for questioning by prosecutors over anti-Moroccan remarks he made at campaign rallies in the Netherlands earlier this year, prosecutors said on Thursday."

"Wilders will be questioned on suspicion of insulting a group of people on the basis of race and of inciting discrimination and hatred, prosecutors said in a statement. They would decide afterwards whether to charge him, they added."

So just say goodbye to whatever is left of European democracy.

In the future, historians will explore these stories like shards of pottery at an archeological dig and extrapolate and speculate how we lost our freedom. 

Suspicion of insulting a group of people on the basis of race and of inciting discrimination and hatred???

How did normal human behaviour become outlawed and criminal in allegedly "civilized" countries?

And why do these criminal rules only apply to white politicians making completely benign observations about immigrants?

Has any Islamic preacher or ISIS supporter ever been charged on "suspicion" of similar hatred and incitement? Any one at all? Anything?


When a mere "suspicion" of perfectly legitimate human concerns becomes criminal and indictable, you have already lost your society and totalitarian, freedom repressing governments are not inclined to "give" freedom back. They should never have those powers in the first damned place, but that's what we, as a society have allowed to happen.

So when these freedoms are lost, it simply may not be possible to "earn" them back though they are are G-d given rights as free born people, free born humans in free countries.

It happens so slowly, drip, drip, drip...that people seldom notice, until it's too late, that they are no longer free.

(See the latest addition to the list of American thought crimes here, "Purple Penguin" edition. And yes, anyone who sends their child to this school certainly is guilty of child abuse.)

What happens is that people start tolerating the "little" interferences into their personal liberty, and then the stakes just get bigger and bigger until your thoughts and every single sensible, personal action is actionable by a disgusting and ever-expanding, never-contracting, tyrannical government.

Shame on everyone who never lifts a finger to fight tyranny.

There are no "little" encroachments on personal freedom and liberty.

The "little" things are the big things and that is why you have to fight back on the seemingly small intrusions into your personal liberty.

There is nothing small about them, as there is seldom anything reversible about them without colossal human will and courage but hope (real hope, not 'hope and change') springs eternal.

PS: Hey Jerusalem Post, why "Far Right"? You never say "Far Left".