Friday, October 10, 2014

Facebook Officials Show Schmucky Side With Makings of Epic PR Fail

Facebook is denying a bereaved mother access to her son's Facebook account.

"The mother of an IDF Golani Brigade soldier who fell in battle is waging her own war on Friday: the war to keep her son's memory alive on Facebook."

"Ben Vanunu, 19, fell fighting terrorists during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza."

"She wants access to Ben's profile page and the ability to operate it as her son would have been able to if he was still living."

"It seems quite surreal [that I can't]," she stated. "For example, many people have tagged Ben [in old photos] - and I cannot remove the tag if I want to, I don't have access to it."

"I want to have control of how my son is commemorated," she added. "

"Facebook has continued to reject the requests, however - citing integrity for its privacy settings."