Friday, October 3, 2014

Krauthammer: A Crisis of Competence in America

Charles Krauthamer suggests that we are now witnessing in America a crisis of competence and a presidency that is falling apart. 

I saw another article about this on NRO, and how people everywhere, EVERYWHERE, are starting to blame the incompetence on Valerie Jarrett, and there is something bothering me about all these 'conservatives' and 'Republicans' commenting on Obama's incompetence. I couldn't figure out what was annoying me about it so much, but I guess it's because these things are only "obvious" to those who never swallowed the Obama Kool-Aid.

Nobody outside a small (not "growing") number of smart, truly conservative commentators really understand, as Krauthammer says, that what we see now in America is the fruits of the policies that were enacted by Obama when he first took office. He rightly notes, these things take time.

I've decided that this administration, and all its parts is really quite sinister, not just incompetence. Incompetence implies not understanding, not knowing the likely results of one's actions. That is simply not the case. 

I lay the Ebola deaths, and the paralyzed children with "polio" like symptoms at Obama's feet.