Friday, October 10, 2014

Un-Blurry in Minneapolis: Steyn!

Sounds like it was a real corker! 

Read all about it here.

Michelle Bachman is really amazing. She's smart and goregeous and fearless.

And, my friends-there is bonus video of Steyn audio.  How great is that?

The only negative about Steyn's radio spots is that there is no video so you can't see his latest sartorial fixings. However, it does show the beauty of well-done radio. It's a conversation that, at its best, sounds like a regular conversation between friends or colleagues. It's a real art, not to get nervous about "speaking" to so many people. I love radio.

Anyway, this is a great interview. The interviewer is smart and lets Steyn talk, so kudos. Nicely done.