Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Good Read: "How Spanx Got Me An Interview With Warren Buffet (It's Not What You Think)"

Normally, I find the articles posted within LinkedIn to be extremely annoying and amateur. The tone of most of the articles is kind of a know-it-all preening tone that shuts my brain down pretty instantly.

I'm really, really glad though that I clicked on this one. I'm not a "fan" of Buffet, but I absolutely loved one of these nuggets of advice and good on the author for prying it out of him. Really nice and I've certainly given a similar message to friends and colleagues over the years.

I have put it differently, warning and begging with people to think 30 seconds down the road, 5 minutes down the road before unleashing their big, fat, stupid, impulsive yap traps for a fleeting moment of faux "satisfaction".

But Buffet has got that message down pat:

"You can always tell someone to go to hell tomorrow."

"This is a piece of advice Buffett received from a friend about fifty years ago -- but Buffett reveals that it's one of the most useful things he's ever learned. The point is that when something upsets you, refrain from spouting off in a moment of anger and saying something you might regret. He explains:"

"Just forget about it for a day. If you feel the same way tomorrow, tell them then. You haven't missed the opportunity."