Friday, January 15, 2016

America Is Screwed: Gay Marriage Re-Education Gulag Edition


So, it was my understanding that America had this thing called the First Amendment, and that it was something so valuable and precious that it was enshrined in a glorious, singular document called the American Constitution.


Apparently, you are only entitled to have beliefs that don't make other people's precious feelings hurt. And, you are not allowed to run your own private business according to your religious conscience and beliefs. And if you try to point out that your religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution, then you will be sent to Gay Marriage Re-Education Camp until you damn well figure out that you are entitled to THEIR opinion.

You will learn about Big Gay, and you will celebrate it, or else. 

When us crazy conservatives started warning people about this, the left was, of course, unbothered and because they are so awesome at lying (ends justify the means, etc..) the political left assured us that we were hysterical hatey-haters clutching at our heterosexual, silly pearls, and that LOVE MUST WIN, etc..that they would NEVER, ever EVAH EVAH EVAH force anyone to do anything that was against their religious conscience.

(Note: next 'victories' are polygamy, which is already happening and the normalization of incestuous marriages and pedophilia.)

Well, that "you will never be forced to do anything against your conscience" was a really awesome whopper.

So how much freedom does one really have in America when you are forced to host gay marriages in their own homes, against their consciences and their religious beliefs.


"Attorneys for the Giffords had argued that forcing them to host a same-sex wedding amounted to compelled speech and a violation of their First Amendment rights."

“We had hoped that the court would recognize that the government has clearly gone too far,” co-counsel James Trainor said in a statement. “The Constitution prohibits the government from forcing anyone to help communicate messages that conflict with their core beliefs about marriage. The Giffords welcome all people to the farm, but not all messages or events.”

"The Giffords also said they would host wedding receptions, parties or other events on behalf of same-sex couples, but the court’s opinion said that their “purported willingness to offer some services to the McCarthys does not cure their refusal to provide a service that was offered to the general public.” 

They were willing to do receptions, parties and other events, but that wasn't enough: complete submission and humiliation are necessary. 

This is very similar to Islam. 

It's a tactic that the Political Left and Islam have very much in common. 

No wonder they get along so well. 

As Rick Moran points out: 

"The reason the couple refused to allow the lesbian couple to marry on their property is because the wedding ceremonies they hosted for opposite-sex couples took place on the first floor of their own home. In effect, the court is telling the couple what they can and cannot do with their private space – an outrageous legal theory."

"Note the use of the word "cure" in the opinion. The state thinks the Giffords are suffering from a mental disease:"

"The couple was also ordered “to implement re-education training classes designed to contradict the couple’s religious beliefs about marriage,” according to the ADF."

This is so sick and deviant, it's a perfect victory for the Political Left unless there is major, coordinated push-back of some kind. But America now, sadly, is the kind of place where nuns are forced to provide birth control and abortion, so we'll see what kind of whimper conservatives can muster. 

Conclusion: I'm not holding my breath.