Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mark Steyn: It's Still the Demography, Stupid.


Mark Steyn distills the issue of Western suicide into a helpful summary:

"Multiculturalism" was less an immigration policy than an advertisement of our moral virtue."


For real, and not for joking, there is absolutely no joy in the 'I told you so' of this story. For sure for sure.

Steyn laments the following:

"It's the biggest story of our time, and, ten years on, Europe's leaders still can't talk about it, not to their own peoples, not honestly. For all the "human rights" complaints, and death threats from halfwits, and subtler rejections from old friends who feel I'm no longer quite respectable, I'm glad I brought it up. And it's well past time for others to speak out."

(Ummm, "subtler rejections from old friends who feel I'm no longer quite respectable"??? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT? Who in their right mind would be such a ghastly, intellectually challenged creature? Mark, please don't sweat the dorks! You are so much, totally and WAY better off with real friends, fellow spiritual travellers, like certain suburban Jewish mothers that you may be acquainted with...)


Anyway, just UGH, and just fuggetabout those morons! Don't let the SO SMARTS, the "I'm not one of thoooooose icky stinky knuckle-draggy conservatives" live rent free in the SteynBrain! Gah! Don't go there!!!! Don't do it!!!

Seriously, Dr. Laura prescribes taking two Ella James CDs, a dry French red, (this is called Red Wine Therapy, it's very effective) and calling me in the morning. 

And in the meantime, brew up a Super Sized Cup of Don't Let Your Ass Hit the Door On the Way Out to those poopy heads, in one of these. 

Right. Onward. 

Here's a few related nuggets from the media outlets that will talk about "it". 

You know, it's a pretty massive, whopping "it". It's pretty much the biggest godzilla-sized, threatening, existential "it" that our society faces. No wonder all the pointy heads are ignoring it in favour of gender neutral washrooms. 

Let's take a peek at some Steynstradamous stories: 

And hey, don't get too smug, America! Celebrate genital diversity! 

The clerical perspective on Cologne rapes: those perfumed infidel sluts deserved it. 

Danes sort of not into Ubergropey Rapeugees. 

But hey! Let's have more of these kinds of refugees! Refugees welcome, etc...

And lastly, Canada told "it's not us, it's you" by coalition of nations fighting ISIS. 

"No big deal" to the "badass" defence minister apparently [insert Liberal swoony smoochies here]. 

I'm sure of two things: one, that ISIS is delighted and two:  that this has something to do with it. 

And lastly, from my bulging "DUH" file-German Jewish leaders-hey, you know it's no longer safe for Jews in Germany. DUH DUH DUH! Umm, you weren't ever, just sayin. 

So, in short: HEAD FOR THE HILLS!