Monday, January 25, 2016

The Jihad Against Donald Trump

Mark Steyn had a great post last week about the girly men of NRO going Full Panty Wad Blow on Donald Trump. 

I thought he was terribly polite, given how disgusting he was treated by NRO some years ago, but let's not got there now. 


And yes, I'm entitled to my opinion on the girly men of NRO and about American politics because I have read several books about Ronald Reagan. 

Steyn notes:

"The movement conservatives at National Review make a pretty nice living out of "ideas, ideology, philosophy, policy, and so forth". The voters can't afford that luxury: They live in a world where, in large part due to the incompetence of the national Republican Party post-Reagan, Democrat ideas are in the ascendant. And they feel that this is maybe the last chance to change that."

On that same line of thinking, Roger L. Simon has a piece up today at PJ Media and I quite agree with him on this: 

"...this attack was not only several bridges too far, it was a bridge to nowhere."

"Many of their arguments revolve around whether Trump is a "true conservative." Instead of wading into the definitional weeds on that one -- as they say on the Internet, YMMV -- allow me to address the macro question of what the purpose of ideology actually is. For me, it is to provide a theoretical basis on which to act, a set of principles. But that's all it is. It's not a religion, although it can be mistaken for one (communism)."

"Trump's perspective was the reverse. The rubber was constantly meeting the road. In fact, it rarely did anything else. He always had to change and adjust. Ideological principles were just background noise, barely audible sounds above the jack hammers."

"When National Review takes up arms against Trump, it is men and women of theory against a man of action. The public, if we are to believe the polls, prefers the action. It's not hard to see why. The theory has failed and become increasingly disconnected from the people. It doesn't go anywhere and hasn't for years. I'm guilty of it too. (Our current president is 150% a man of theory.) Too many people -- left and right -- are drunk on ideology."

Cruz is more conservative-DUH. But will he be the nominee? Not sure at this point. But clearly, the establishment ideology thinkers losers are so used to losing that they will probably cast their vote for the communist Jew or the lying, thuggish shrew if Trump wins.

Loooooosers gotta loooooser!