Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mark Steyn: Kippahs and Curtains

Another day, another slaughter of Jews, and another collective yawn is heaved by the world.

Just another Jew, no big deal, right?

As Mark Steyn notes, the religious battlegrounds is a one way street. 

And wearing a kippah in solidarity?


Too little, too late.

The religious violence "in the name of G-d" only goes in one direction. Were that Pope Francis would only recognize such fact instead of indulging in trite, obscene moral equivalence. 

Fortunately, not every European Jew is willing to be a sacrificial lamb to the neo-Nazis. And by neo-Nazis, I am not referring to white Christians. I am referring to the spiritual and religious heirs to the Nazi traditions-the migrant jihadists of Eurabia.

Meanwhile in America, Obama continues to reward evil. 

So why should anyone be surprised when evil thrives? 

Only the brave speak the truth. 

As Mark Steyn says when Islam reigns supreme there are fewer Jews, gays/trans, and music. There's generally less joy. There's more rape, that's for sure.

But perhaps Germany deserves it fate? 

Exit question:

Who will stop the world getting darker and darker before the lights are out for good?