Tuesday, January 19, 2016

David P. Goldman: A Parable for Germany

"Since the Second World War, Germans have preferred not to think about their past, because it is too horrible to contemplate. The German school system dutifully teaches about the Holocaust and German cities dutifully memorialize the murdered Jews; the walls of Frankfurt's old Jewish cemetery are covered with small bronze plaques for every Jew deported from the city. "They will never forgive us for Auschwitz," quipped the Austrian-Israeli psychiatrist Zvi Rix, and Germans often attempt to relativize the crimes of National Socialism by attributing similar things to the Jews."


"Dying Germany has only one item on its bucket list, and that is redemption. The Germans cannot seek redemption from the crimes of their grandparents because they do not understand what motivated them to do such terrible things."

"For Merkel and most of Germany's elite, the appearance on Germany's threshold of millions of Muslim refugees is a final chance at redemption, an opportunity for Germany to redeem itself from the crimes of its past through a transcendent act of selflessness."

Actually, it's more like a transcendent act of suicide. 

It's Germany putting itself out of its own misery. 

The political left is a nihilistic philosophy wherein all roads glorify and lead to death. 

Thus, the German, and indeed, the European suicide by Muslim invasion is the logical culmination of that nihilism. 

The Muslim invasion is simply suicide by a crescent-shaped bullet in the back of Europe's collective head, putting it out of its misery once and for all.