Friday, January 22, 2016

Heartache: New York Times Calls the Clintons' Speech Income Obscene

Making popcorn. 

"A New York Times reporter said Thursday it is “almost obscene” how much money Bill and Hillary Clinton have made from speaking fees in recent years, much of which came from financial firms linked to Wall Street."

"The reporter, Nicholas Confessore, criticized how much money the Clintons have accumulated while appearing on MSNBC with host Craig Melvin to discuss his new article, which details how the former first couple has taken in more than $125,000,000 in speaking fees since leaving the White House, almost a quarter of that coming in the last two years."

"Hillary Clinton made about $250,000 per speech over the past few years, according to the story."

“The scale of the money, Craig, a quarter of a million dollars to chit-chat for forty minutes, is just unbelievable to most people,” Confessore said." 

“It seems almost obscene."