Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shout Out to Paul Bronfman: This Is How It's Done

The only way universities will pay attention is if the cheques stop being cut. 

Kudos, seriously Kol Hakavod to Paul Bronfman for pulling his support from York due to the disgusting anti-Israel, antisemitic mural "gracing" their halls.

"It's pure hate." 

This is what real Jewish leaders do: identify a problem that affects Jews, and do something about it.

There is no reason that Jewish money should fund anti-Jewish anything.

I hope that more people follow Mr. Bronfman's excellent example.

Universities are welcome to keep company with disgusting Jew-hating rabble, but Jews ought not to find their choice.

Doesn't this rock holding fellow seem nice? 

Thanks to Paul Bronfman for showing some real leadership here.