Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dear Lord, Somebody Please Put This Campaign Out of Its Misery

How much Biggest Looooooooser can one candidate project?

It's so painful to watch.

The Jeb! campaign reminds me of those Hollywood celebrities who get too much plastic surgery ("just ONE more procedure/nosejob/boobjob/placental enema and I'm done"), and all their enablers say OOOOOH YES YOU SHOULD, YOU WILL LOOK SO GOOD BE SOOOOO HAPPY! Like when Michael Jackson got all those nose jobs, and then decided he wanted to be a white guy, etc...

Here's a Tweet that I just spotted:

Sorry for being elevated?

Sorry for actually looking like I might want to lead, be above the crowd?

Like you deserve the stage?

And the pathetic swipe at Trump? Dude-Trump is leading. That's what Trumpian is. OMG.

There is also more evidence that the Jeb! campaign is Loser HQ.

This ad tries to scare people about a Hillary victory, and yes-the thought is scary.

But jeeeeeezzzzusssss, if you are going to use Twitter as a reference, get social media people who actually know what Twitter is. You don't "post" something on Twitter. You just "Tweet". It's a "Tweet". If you are a technology dinosaur, you need to just step away from Teh Twitterzzz with your hands held up so nobody gets hurt.

This is how you use Twitter to kill your opponent.

You nail them with one concept, with one kernel, and then hammer them with it all the time.

Or you add another layer to your Kill Statement and proceed to pour mountains of salt into a gaping, oozing, untreatable flesh wound.
You're welcome.

More evidence:

Using expensive "videos" to tell the "Jeb Story", delivered by Federal Express (i.e on land, not via that Internet thingy). I can tell the story in one word: GAH!

Hello Jeb! campaign. Ring ring! The 1980s are calling! They want their Betamax machine back.

Look, the reason why George Bush has not hit the campaign trail for his brother is probably because he is reading the writing on the wall. Jeb! really should withdraw from the race at this point, admit defeat in an honourable way and get on with his life.

And BTW, I'm finding it fascinating to watch the civil war between the Trump and Cruz supporters among right of centre Americans. By fascinating, I mean pretty bloody horrifying.

Only one of them can win, and either would be better for America than a third Obama term i.e Hillary Clinton, that lying, thuggish shrew or Bernie Sanders, the seemingly senile socialist nutcase.

But what do I know?