Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rome Submits to Islam

In today's headlines, the Vatican officially 'reverts' to Dar Al Islam.

Shame on the Pope, shame on the Vatican.

This is submission, there is no other word for it. 

When a barbarian, fanatic, savage, terrorist regime insists that you to cover your nude statues, the proper answer is to fill the entire meeting room, and every hallway, and the dining room with them. 

When they demand no alcohol, you serve more, in every dish, and as dessert. 

And even worse than capitulating is offering submission in advance. It's much, much worse. It's sinister.

This is submission without a peep or a whimper, without a fight or a battle.

This is a thick, crescent-embossed curtain falling down on the West.

Statues of humans trapped in boxes, in Rome, home of Catholicism.

Does it take a Jew like me to find the symbolism of this display rather unnerving and revolting?

Soon, like their females, actual humans trapped in head to toe body bags, we will all be humans trapped in their boxes.

There will be more Islamic conquest, fewer beautiful works of art, music and dance, less literature, less liberty, fewer celebrations of the human spirit in any of its glorious modes of expression. There will be more boxes, more complete white-outs of culture, of Western history, more boxes, more chains on the human soul.

Without resistance, we will be boxed in, and rendered virtually unidentifiable by our unique, G-d given individual gifts and strengths. There will be uniformity, and more cowardice and fear.

When savage barbarian terrorists come calling, if you are a religious leader with any scruples or morals, you refuse the meeting. You do not pose for pictures with its savage leadership, you do not legitimize it with photo-ops and talk of prayer. You refuse the meeting, you refuse the capitulation and humiliating photos, you take a stand, refuse to bow to the idols and refuse the legitimization of evil.

What a disgraceful, pitiful, supine church and a pathetic excuse for a religious leader. This is absolutely disgusting capitulation to terrorism.