Friday, January 22, 2016

"“Then I Hung Up on Him and it Felt Good.”-UPDATED WITH VIDEO FROM EZRA LEVANT

This is  the proper response to the empty, vapid blather of our Liberal Prime Minister:

"...Richard was not impressed with Trudeau when the prime minister rang him up Monday, three days after the attack which killed his wife, Maude Carrier, and five other Quebecers."

“My prime minister called me and began speaking in such a canned manner, wishing me good luck, offering me his condolences and talking about them as a source of Canadian pride,” he said.

That’s when I told him to stop his political blabbing."

If he’s going to call me, then at least he should know who the Carriers are. It wasn’t out of Canadian pride that they were doing what they were doing, but rather because they were basically good people.”

“Then I hung up on him and it felt good.”

I salute Yves Richard.