Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good: Canadian Terror Victim's Husband Hangs Up On Trudeau, Uninterested in His Platitudes

Good for him. 

This is what you do with the shameless. You shame them. You shine the light on their obscene behaviour. You don't give them the opportunity to use you as a tool for their virtue signalling, for their fake empathy and empty words. 

You shut them down. You don't live complicit with their utopian fantasies.

"The husband of one of the Quebecers killed in the Burkina Faso terrorist attack says he hung up on Justin Trudeau when the prime minister called him earlier this week.

"Yves Richard tells Montreal radio station 98.5 FM he was frustrated about what he called Trudeau’s platitudes during their conversation Monday."

"Richard says he told Trudeau to hug his wife and children and that he then put down the phone on the prime minister."

My thoughts and my prayers go out to the victims and their families.

My disgust, of course, is with PM Trudeau, our vapid, soulless "leader"

We are in for a very bad, pathetic and submissive four years.