Monday, January 18, 2016

Kurt Schlichter: We Are Sick Of Paying the Price For Elitists To Feel Smug

This is totally excellent. 

Schlichter has really got something here, and has his finger on the frustration felt by regular people who do not want to be sacrificed on the altar of liberal feeeeeelzzzz goood. 

"A lot of us complain that our elite betters are ignoring our concerns, but nothing could be further from the truth. They have heard us all right. They have gotten together to come up with a solution to the many problems we have brought to their attention. And that solution is for us to shut up and keep sucking up whatever abuse they choose to heap upon us."

"It’s all about empowering the elite to feel smug. And about sticking us normal with the check."

And this is it: 

"Resentful of Democrat-voting losers and bums who don’t feel like working but who expect you to toil to pay them off? Selfish!"

"Think that just because one of us would go to prison for, say, mishandling hundreds of classified documents, then a member of the elite should too? Sexist!"

"Upset that some skeevy weirdo pretending to be a girl is going to crash your daughter’s high school locker room for a bit of live entertainment? Transphobic!"

"Yeah, if you’re a normal American, you’re pretty much the root of all evil. You’re the worst of the worst. You suck."

"Welcome to Political Three Card Monte. Whatever the issue, you lose."