Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In Which Lysiane Gagnon Excoriates Prime Minister Sunshine And His Pathetic, Obscene New Age Behaviour

I quite enjoyed this column.

It's really neat to see a Quebecer tearing Prime Minister Trudashian a new one.

It's so good, and she is so pissed/disappointed, that it's hard to pinpoint the best part, so read the whole thing.

"Where is the PM when Quebec needs him?"

Well, duh, he's busy taking selfies at mosques and at Davos. Priorities!

"Terrorism doesn’t fit into Justin Trudeau’s sunny views. The Prime Minister didn’t see fit to join the hundreds of Quebeckers who gathered on Monday to honour the memory of the six Quebeckers killed by Islamist terrorists in Ouagadougou, although the day before he made a point of visiting a mosque in Peterborough, Ont., that had been damaged by arson."

"Apparently, the Prime Minister’s Office didn’t see the point in changing Mr. Trudeau’s schedule so that he could attend the grieving ceremony in Lac-Beauport on Monday. The least he could have done would have been to express a bit of emotion and anger. “Instead,” wrote La Presse columnist Vincent Marissal, “what we had were a mild condemnation and empty words, and nothing about the government’s plan to fight terrorism.”

"Mr. Trudeau reacted to the tragedy that struck home with a feeble, conventional expression of condolences, as if he were a reluctant visitor to a funeral home."

I disagree with the assessment about former PM Harper, but the summary of Trudeau is spot on: 

"Former prime minister Stephen Harper was too warlike. Now, we have the other extreme: a prime minister who hates conflicts and sees the world through a New Age prism in which everything can be solved with love and understanding. Unfortunately, the country he leads doesn’t live in a dream world."

But that's who Canadian idiots voted for.  

You got what you wanted, didn't you? 

You gave this fluffball a majority government. Fools. 

Ms. Gagnon, who did YOU vote for?