Monday, January 25, 2016

Eurabia Update: Halal Scheisse Sandwich Edition

I received a great letter from a reader living in Eurabia.

I'm not at liberty to give details about the country, or the occupation of the letter-writer due to the current AHEM, invasion situation combined with the rabid, insane, general climate of totalitarian, leftist political correctness in Eurabia.

With the writer's permission, I'm sharing the letter, and my response, and then have a whole whack of links to share that shine a little light on the beginning of the end of Europe.

"Dear Laura, I read your inspirational take on current affairs and get lots of psychological benefit every time --grim though the substrate be."

"Just wondering on the bitter irony that a country like Germany --Yes the one that could field Arminius against the Roman Legions --or Barbarossa in the Middle Ages, or Bluecher at Waterloo [I'm sure you can multiply this list considerably], is now so supine in the face of the latest invasion."

"Question: in all the fantasies of trump'd up NAZI charges used to frame Jews and incite the populace to loathing, --did ever, evah any Nazi propagandist suggest that the Jews did kaka in the Swimming Pools of 1930's Deutschland?

"Whereas, now the Swimming Pools of the Bundesrepublik are being purified with Halal Scheisse and nobody dare say boo about it."

"I'm not myself Jewish (just a diligent pro-Israelite Christian , descended from a long and honourable tradition of Irish Protestants --think of the culture that gave rise to Sir John Henry Patterson &c) but am bewildered by the profound karma that inheres in this circumstance. Yours with best wishes,

Here's my response: 


"I know, it's almost impossible to believe how disgustingly supine the Germans are, and I think Mark Steyn kind of nailed it when he talked about Merkel being barren, I cannot help but think that is related."

"The German Nazis had lots of lovely anti-Jewish propaganda, but their imagery from what I have read was mostly medically-themed like Jews had cooties ("Joooties"). You know, virus, cancer, germs, and they also did talk about them as rodents or beasts. But no-they never ventured to picture Jews as such primitive barbarians as to literally shit in public or in public pools. Jews had too much dignity I suspect for even the Nazis to try to pull that off. The Germans are literally swimming in the shit of their Islamic invaders-by free choice. It's insane."

"I'm going to have to borrow ("liberate") your line about Halal Scheisse because I'm just dying, I've been giggling about it all morning."

"I think that there are a few possible explanations for this suicidal move but they all relate to the convergence of the political left with Islam. They get along so well because they are both nihilistic world views/systems, and all their roads lead to death. The Muslims are born into fatalistic nihilism which has totalitarianism built right into it. The leftists are swept into this very easily because their souls crave spiritualism, and though they say they have rejected G-d, their spirits still require nourishment-that is what makes us human. So being nice to Islam is like a narcotic, religious thing. That's why so many of these horrible Jew-hating leftists "revert", and the slutty feminists as well."

"The other possibility is that Germany doesn't deserve to exist."

And now, given my hypotheses, choose for yourself-suicide, guilt, barrenness, dhimmitude, Jew-hate, redemption, not deserving to exist? 

Current examples: 


From the "DUH" file, the childless, suicidal dimwit, Angela Merkel: well hey, antisemitism here is a lot worse than we thought, we better educate our new migrants. What could possibly go wrong? 

Sex attacks occurring in 75% of the country. I'm surprised that it's not 100%, but let's bring some more to get a perfect score...

But nobody's perfect, right? I asked the usual suspects, the hatey hatey bully bloggers what more we could ask for in new immigrants and scaramouche suggested bestiality. 


From the 'fun with migrants in public swimming pools' file-Belgian mayor proposes ban on migrants at public pools, migration minister says 'suck it up'. 



Formerly Great Britain: 



French Jews (who should get out already with suitcases and not in coffins while they still can) fear a new strain of ISIS (i.e Muslim) inspired terrorism. 

In summary: Europe is now eating a massive, halal scheisse sandwich and I can't say I'm too broken up about it.