Wednesday, January 13, 2016

German Police: Arab Men Enjoy Rape

Via Kathy Shaidle: 

German police are dealing with the quaint, culturally diverse phenomenon of covering up Rape Jihad of taharrush.

They are discovering that Arab men seem to enjoy rape. 

From the article:

"The most important point of all of this is, however, the fact that this culture of mass sex attacks is nothing new in the Middle East—and was a widely known phenomenon amongst sociologists and criminologists in Europe."

"Yet despite this foreknowledge, these same criminologists, police officials, and sociologists either remained silent, or were actively involved in making the arrangements to “receive the refugees” along with the Angela Merkel government."

That's lovely isn't it: RECEIVE THE REFUGEES. 

I think most people would understand that as a societal, rather than genital invitation. 

And where are all the German men in this? 

Presumably, most have been through the slow castration process at the hands of Western feminism, but any men in Germany who do still have their balls have been ordered to report to the local clitorectomy clinic to have any of their remaining nuts sliced off by a grinning, toothless Somali or Egyptian with a rusty razor.