Monday, January 11, 2016

Marseille, Islamic Republic of France: Jew Stabbed

First of all, shame on the Times of Israel for their headline "Youth attacks Jewish man".

By youth, I guess they mean "terrorist". I say shame on them because the copy came from the Jew-hating French wire service AFP, so you can understand why the report contains the obligatory 'mentally unstable' theory.

But if I put "mentally unstable" through my special, secret translator, and I set it to translate from weasel-lefty-media to English, I get "devout Muslim". Weird!

Just a "light wound" from a machete.


Here, the Jerusalem Post also prints the "mentally unstable" lie.

How do these journalist/psychiatric experts find out the differential diagnosis ("mentally unstable") so quickly?

They seem to be able to access the "youth" perpetrators' entire mental health history and medial records in record speed!

The Post article also publishes this:

"In November, a teacher at a Jewish school in Marseilles was stabbed by three people professing support for Islamic State, but his life was not in danger, prosecutors said."

Have you noticed the Canadian government's official position of OMERTA on the Middle Eastern Rape and Pillage Culture in Europe? 

How many of these belligerents are on their way to North American shores?