Monday, January 11, 2016

Must Read Phyliss Schlafly: The GOP Kingmakers Are Toast

This article is so great. 

I'm reluctant to excerpt anything because it's so amazing, and you have to read the whole thing.

But here's just a sample of the totally awesome bits:

"With her mid-length black skirt, neatly tucked-in denim button-down shirt and perfectly set hair, Schlafly seemed to epitomize the image of the indefatigable, joyful warrior. Schlafly spoke plainly and calmly like a general, who—far from being war-weary from past skirmishes—thrived on battles of principle and relished the coming challenge ahead. Indeed, the rebellion now coming to a head within the Republican Party seems to represent the build-up of the revolt, which Schlafly has led—at times, almost single handedly—for the better part of a century."

(This is the way to do it: well-dressed, well-groomed, never weary!)

"In Schlafly’s view, the philosophical battle within the Republican Party centers around the Kingmakers and their chosen candidates—who prioritize the needs of other nations and global corporatists—versus the Republican voters and the few representatives, who put the interests of the American people first."

"As Schlafly wrote in 1964:"

“Highly placed New York kingmakers work toward ‘convergence’ between the Republican and Democratic parties so as to preserve their America Last foreign policy and eliminate foreign policy from political campaigns… The New York kingmakers, for pocketbook reasons, are extremely anxious to prevent any curtailment of the foreign giveaway program… [which] might come about by the election of a president who did not put the welfare of America secondary to the welfare of every other country from Albania to Zanzibar.”

"The Kingmakers’ fetish for putting America last, which Schlafly detailed more than fifty years ago, remains true today: “people say it sounds like the same old story over and over again,” Schlafly said of her book’s thesis."

"In Schlafly’s view, Trump stands in stark contrast to these candidates who put the interests of foreign citizens and global corporations above the interests of the American people. Schlafly explained that Trump’s America First platform on the critical issues of immigration and trade sets him up as true enemy of the Establishment—or “Kingmakers”—and, as such, he is the only candidate who cannot be co-opted by them."

This is an excellent analysis. 

It is indeed the case that the GOP Kingmakers and Establishment are freaking out. 

You know what? He probably should. He will be doing America a YUGE, YUGE favour. 


Because the GOP has actually been very good at only two things lately: loosing and capitulating and as a result, America is no longer the leader of the free world, and because without American leadership, and without a leader who believes in American exceptionalism, the world has become a much more dangerous place.