Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Steyn: Lie Back, and Think of Germany, and Sweden and Norway...

In case you missed it, here's Mark Steyn's audio from his appearance on the John Oakley show earlier today. 

One of the important points that he raised is that you cannot have a situation where East is invited into West, without expecting that there will not be a massive clash of culture, waves of significant violence and indeed, the Rape Jihad that we are seeing in Cologne, many other parts of Germany and in Sweden and Norway.

As Steyn points out:

"So far Jews and gays have been at the sharp end of the Islamization of Europe, as we see in the prison-camp security required for Jewish schools in France and in the shuttering gay bars of Amsterdam. As Germans and Scandinavians are beginning to understand, women are next."

This may well be the beginning of the end for most of Europe. I always thought France or Sweden would be the first official Islamic states of Europe, but Germany is catching up at such a marvellous rate. This is German industriousness and ingenuity once again at its very finest. 

So there is no silver lining to this story. 

However it is very interesting that it takes a Muslim invasion of Europe and Donald Trump's forthright manner of speech to actually be able to discuss these issues in public. 

"“People feel tremendous cultural condescension directed at them,” and that their values are being “smirked at, laughed at” by the political and media elite, said GOP strategist Steve Schmidt."

As well: “allegations of racism and sexism have turned into powerful silencing devices,”.

The truth is:

“Political correctness is ruining our country,” said former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, after he was criticized for saying a Muslim should not be president."

"It is corrosive, Carson said in an interview, because “many people will not say what they believe because someone will look askance at them, call them a name. Somebody will mess with their job, their family. This was not supposed to be the way it was in America.”

Or in the free world!

Therefore, the only solution-and it must be achieved on the micro level before anything changes on the macro level, is to be more "insensitive". 

We have to stop covering up for the barbarians who want to cover us up!

We have to say out loud: it's immigrant rapists who "stir up" social unrest more than the innocent citizens who are being forced to tolerate the intolerable. 

We have to force our elected representatives away from Rape Apologetics, and when they say something like this, we force them out of office, or force them into burkahs and drop them into Syria where they belong. At least, if they were wearing the uniform of the death cult, the female body bag, and least then we could cite their honesty-they are what they wear. 

Yet the Mayor of Cologne doubles down on the virtues of rape: 

"The city's mayor drew outrage after suggesting young women could avoid trouble from the gangs by staying over "an arm's length" away from strangers."

Maybe the invader rapists could keep their grubby arms, "arm's length" away from our bodies instead? 

We need fewer stupid and brainwashed multicult leftists in power, less appeasement and instead of classes for new immigrants on why they should not rape us, we need fewer immigrants of the barbarian type. 

We have to stop tolerating the intolerable. 

It is important to always disregard those who so enthusiastically tell you to shut up, and speak even louder and in an even more forthright manner. 

But it is personal courage on a day to day level, "spreading the risk" as Mark Steyn would say, that is our only hope of salvation.