Friday, January 8, 2016

The Beginning of the End of Europe

I gotta tell ya, having read both Mark Steyn and Spengler this morning, I seriously feel like I could drown myself in the chicken soup I am making for Shabbat.

HA HA JUST KIDDING. Over my dead body that dead chicken!!!!!

Folks, we all seriously need to buck up because it's gonna be very rough riding for a while.

Someone asked me the other day why the left is insisting on making Europe commit suicide via Islam. The simple reason is that leftism damages the human brain and spirit. There is nothing that the political left makes better, only worse. The left screws up everything. The left identifies with every incarnation of evil that humans brew up, and its death cult breadth grows bigger and stronger with every apologetic breath taken by the weak and the timid.

Mark Steyn has a terrifically depressing and accurate round up of where we are at right now.

We are at Checkpoint Charlie Hedbo. 

There's much to say about the Rape Jihad of Europe. Angela Merkel will definitely go down in history as the childless, female "mother" of the German Islamic state, she certainly birthed it, and she should also get full credit for being one of the biggest rapists in history and I mean that in both a political and sexual sense.

David Goldman asks the question, "Why Does Germany Condone Mass Rape?" and kudos to him for asking the question. This is a fine essay and I urge you to read the whole thing.

He explains both the political and theological elements of the Merkel's, and the West's rape fantasy.

We are choosing to be "helpless". 

"Germany's leaders have nothing of significance to say about the worst outbreak of sexual assaults in Germany since the Red Army moved out after World War II. Why won't they do anything? Answer: for the same reason that the Catholic Church insists that Islam is a religion of peace. The alternative--watching from a distance a civilizational collapse in real time with its attendant horrors--is too terrible for Angela Merkel or Pope Francis I to contemplate. They would rather take casualties than absorb the horror of the situation. The root of the problem is theological. The West is paralyzed by its own notion of the good."

By "theological" Goldman refers to established religions like Christianity, and (less so) Judaism. But political leftism is also a religion, and the consummation of the affair between the religious left with a godless Europe, creates the witches brew we are seeing in Europe. Hitler tried, but was unable to conquer Europe, but the marriage of the political left with Islam will certainly do the trick. 

In concluding, Goldman notes: 

"If we insist on believing that there is an inherent good in everyone, the likes of the Nazis, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and ISIS will provide massive evidence to the contrary, and we will be paralyzed with horror--like Germany's leaders today."

The first steps in this battle are understanding there is evil in man, speaking up about it and not being afraid. Then you focus your energy on the micro, protect the micro in order to take on the macro battles. 

This is our fight. This is our chance. 

Otherwise the lights will go out, never to be rekindled again.