Monday, January 4, 2016

What Starts With the Jews Never Ends With the Jews: A French Encore Production And Lesson For Life

This is a pretty sad, comprehensive piece from the New York Times about an elderly French Jew looking out her window and seeing that "Never Again" is yet again, and again.

It's the story of the individual, persecuted life of one Jew, but Marceline Loridan-Ivens is a story of the bigger picture of Jewish existence and persecution as well. And since it's reported the NYT, it also says something about the way that the left views Jews as well.

"Deported to Birkenau at 15, she last saw her father in the camps when he slipped her an unimaginable onion and a tomato, before he was murdered at Auschwitz."

"Now 87, with failing eyesight and a renewed dread about Jewish life in Europe, Marceline Loridan-Ivens believes that the lessons of World War II are not being forgotten, because “these lessons were never learned.”

"In today’s France, after the Islamic State attacked ordinary Parisians in November and killed 130, she said in a recent interview, there is only a slow understanding that French society itself is at risk."

That's an interesting editorial comment, isn't it? 

After ISIS attacked "ordinary Parisians", French society started to react. 

Jews, then, it is fair to conclude, are not "ordinary" Parisians. 

The story of ordinary Jews, like Macreline in France was thus: 

"The memoir, “But You Did Not Come Back,” will be published in English this month by Atlantic Monthly Press. It takes the form of a letter to her murdered father, Szlhama (Schloïme) Froim Rozenberg, a Polish Jew who came to France in 1919 in search of freedom."

"They were arrested together in 1943. She remembers him telling her, when they were at the Drancy internment camp in April 1944, awaiting transport to hell, “You will come back, perhaps, because you’re young, but I will not come back.”

"For her parents, she said, France meant liberty, equality, fraternity. “They escaped Eastern Europe because they wanted freedom, to be able to go to school and university,” she said. “In France there was no pogrom. Life was tough, as they arrived penniless, but they worked hard, they wanted their children to go to school and become French.”

"But then came the occupation, and the betrayal. After the war, the family received a death notice from the government saying that her father had “died for France.” But he died “because he was Jewish,” Ms. Loridan-Ivens said. As she wrote to her father: “You did not really die for France. France sent you to your death. You were wrong about her.”

And now, in a most obscene but predictable turn, France is enabling the death of its Jews once again, and sending itself to death as well. 

Thus, a year after the Charlie Hebdo slaughter, what really has been learned? In general, I see more silence, more cowardice and more betrayal of liberty and freedom every day. 

From the article above: 

"Cartoonist Laurent Sourisseau, who took over the management of the weekly in the aftermath of the attack, also penned an angry editorial in defence of secularism. It denounces "fanatics brutalised by the Koran" as well as those from other religions who hoped for the death of the magazine for "daring to laugh at the religious". 

What other religions? Again it's an odd qualification, a rather strange little editorial bit that kind of jumped off the page.  

The voices of courage, of truth, have been silenced by guns and knives more often than not, though their words live on forever. 

"Eminent, terrorized intellectuals, moralizing old clowns and half-witted journalists have, in all earnestness, questioned whether it was wise to publish the cartoons of Muhammad “in the current environment.”

"The censors no longer want anything to do with this whore called free expression. No discussion whatsoever! Self-censorship has become a major art form in France."

Thus we live in an age of the Islamic-Leftist alliance, allied in a totalitarian outlook, where the vicious rise to the top, power is the intoxicant and heretics must be burned. 

We have a sharia compliant Western world with crazy leftists denying biological realities and punishing the rest of us for being heretics, or even agnostic about their new favourite pets, the "transgendered". You are only entitled to their opinion. 

And even more wonderful for the jihad, is the leftist submission and omerta on the gay issue. 

To speak freely is to resist. 

To laugh is to resist, to tell jokes is to resist. 

The left and its Islamic allies want to make their politics and their belief system your personal life. 

It's like they always say "the personal is political". 

Simply by rejecting that notion, by refusing to let their politics invade your personal life, you will enjoy a freer, better life. 

This is the only blueprint that "ordinary" Jews, and other "ordinary" people can use to preserve their extraordinary G-d given, free lives.