Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Eurape Is Dooooooooooooomed

Bear with me as I dump a bunch of links.

I don't have a YUGE amount of time to comment, but these are sufficiently depressing even without vast quantities of my pithy, Jew-mom editorial comments.


That's the bottom line.

Here's my "evidence-based" analysis. Lefties looooooove "evidence-based" stuff, you know.

The French Prime Minister understands Jewish concerns about "French" antisemitism. I think he must mean "Muslim", but whatevs, right? That he cares is really all that matters, right?

Might he be referring to this kind of Jew-hate? When a 13 year old Jewish boy, in Paris, gets attacked by "North Africans" for the crime of being Jewish, and walking to synagogue? That kind of antisemitism? 

Meanwhile in Denmark: "Danish" girl accused of plotting terrorist attack on Jewish school. 

In Sweden, a sharia victory, ODDLY ENOUGH JUST IN TIME FOR INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, with women being warned not to go out alone. 

It's Saudia Arabia day in Sweden! Celebrate it! Get yourself into black body bags, you infidel sluts!


In the formerly Great Britain: CELEBRATE SEXUAL MUTILATION. 

You know, it's just a "nick", who wants their genitals un-mutilated after all, you PRUDES.

Maybe FGM is the new "Brazilian"?

The new Vajayjay Decoration? The new Vagazzle????

A way to lose weight? Lord know the clitoris weighs a ton. Such a burden! Better without it, yes?

C'mon, all the cool kids want a toothless Somali or Egyptian slicing off their clitoris with an especially rusty razor without anaesthetic! FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, YOU SLUTS.

But whatever you do, do not celebrate actual sexual diversity in the UK. Because that's bad.


No kissy kissy for gays in the UK! 

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid STILL unavailable for comment.

At least there's one set of solid ones still left in the UK:

Shots fired! 

And Germany just looooooooves it's immigrant rapists. 

The German elites just cannot get enough of having their children raped in public swimming pools. 

And don't be so smug, America.

As the great prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, says, Western elites will still be talking about transgendered bathrooms while the Mad Mullahs of Iran are nuking us.