Friday, March 18, 2016

Finally: The American Federal Government Does the Right Thing

For goodness sake, how difficult is it NOT to make someone's life hell, and instead to you know, MAKE IT BETTER. 

"A 90-year-old World War II Royal Air Force veteran who faced a 10-year ban from re-entering the U.S. because he once overstayed a 90-day visa will be reunited with his family in New Jersey after all, has learned."

"John Oliver -- who lives in the Bailiwick of Jersey, the largest of England's Channel Islands -- will be permitted to enter the U.S. as early as June on a "humanitarian parole," according to his family."

"Oliver -- a World War II bomber navigator-turned-corporate accountant -- was banned from re-entering the U.S. for the next decade because he overstayed a 90-day visa issued in 2011, when his wife was dying and doctors recommended the couple remain under the care of their 61-year-old son in New Jersey."

So, if you are an illegal and illiterate peasant from Mexico or wherever in South America, or an ISIS-linked jihadi terrorist from the Middle East, you can enter the United States with no problem and stay for good. 

However, if you are a WORLD WAR TWO VETERAN who was taking care of a dying spouse, you must be punished by the bureaucracy for years. You must be made to suffer because you are a righteous, white, Christian man who fought against the Nazis. 

You get it?!??!

And probably one of the worst parts of this story is that when the family tried to do something, by writing to the highest office of power in the land, this is what happened. 

"The rejections infuriated Oliver and Bradley, who wrote a message to President Obama through the White House website about the family's plight. Bradley said she received a response in January 2014 from the president in the form of a generic-looking letter, with links to the administration's immigration policy as well as to websites for USCIS and ICE, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement."Thank you for writing," Obama's letter began. "America’s immigration system is badly broken, and I know many people are hurting because of it."

This is a prime example of the chilling, everyday indifference of bureaucracy. 

This is what liberals want more of. 

They want other people controlling your life and the lives of your loved ones