Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mark Steyn: Fear the #JeSuisTiltyHeaded&Singing"Imagine" Arseholes

OK, so that's not really Steyn's headline, it's mine but I must declare here and now:


And Happy Purim!

Mark's piece is deliciously snarky and depressing. 

As he points out, the Belgians cancelled Purim BECAUSE SECURITY OF COURSE.

Remember when I said that I wasn't going to shed any tears or hashtags for Belgium? It's because of stuff like this. 

Yes, Purim masks and Jews are the real problem in Belgium.

That Jews who (rather foolishly) decided to live again in Europe in the post-Holocaust period are now having their holidays cancelled by the government authorities (deja vu, anyone?) because bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists have been imported, voluntarily to invade Europe, is one of the most obscene facts of the current geo-political landscape.

Never Again = 'what a massive crock of hooey' in Flemish apparently.

No wonder Israelis are telling them to stop eating bon bons and wake up. 

But they won't listen! They insist on suicide. 

So I simply cannot feel sorry for any society that is as disgustingly dhimmi and as suicidal as these foolish, supine Belgians.

And seriously fuck all the stupid flag lights on monuments. 

This is called MONUMENTAL submission and it disgusts me.