Monday, March 28, 2016

The End of Europe is Near (Coming Soon to A North America Near You)

If you see a common theme within my posts it's because Eurabia is, in fact, doomed.

Demographics don't lie and certainly don't care about your feelings.

So, just a sample of things that have caught my eye.

Leading French philosophers (both Jews, both catching on to the idea too little, too late) are going public with their belief that France is finished. And understand these are men of the political left, they are highly assimilated Jews of the political left, and not like us horrible, awful, hatey hatey conservative, observant right-wing Jews.

So here's Alain Finkielkraut on the topic:

“France is on its way to disintegration." 

And here, via BCF, is "BHL", Bernard-Henry Levi on the BBC. 

It's not a "might" be, it's a certainty. And I love the way in which it is sooooo painful for Levi to talk about Islam. Although on some level, he gets credit for identifying the Big Lie that jihad and ISIS have "nothing to do with Islam", he believes that there is a workable version of Islam, the unicorn version, the 'non-Trump' version of integrating Muslims. I suspect that in his gut he knows that us "haters" are right, it just pains him to come over to the Dark Side.

Here's a peek into Swedenistahan.

We are still seeing willful blindness everywhere. 

"Our enemies are at war with us. They continue to execute acts of war, not tragedies, against us. We cannot “end” the war by withdrawing from it; we can only lose that way. We cannot prevail, or even adequately protect ourselves, without seeing the enemy plain: radical Islam — Islamic supremacists determined to impose sharia on the world, with jihadists as the pointy end of the spear, and ideological sympathizers as their support system."


"...the fact that there are pro-Western Muslims and authentically tolerant interpretations of Islam does not — and cannot be allowed to — obscure the fact that Islamic supremacism is a mainstream construction of Islam. It is not “false” Islam, or “anti-Islam.” It is Islam that competes, violently, with other constructions of Islam."

"It is not our job to broker the claims these competitors make regarding what is the “true Islam.” It is our job to protect ourselves and our allies, and to crush the jihadist armies and cells that are prosecuting the war against us. If we do not acknowledge what the threat is and where it is coming from, we will continue to embrace the policies that empower the enemy. In a time of war, we cannot indulge a policy of mass immigration from countries where sharia supremacism is a significant presence."