Monday, March 14, 2016

"Happiness is the Ultimate Revenge"

This is a glorious piece via Chabad.

"Happiness is the Ultimate Revenge."

Read every word. 

Well done, Rabbi Tzvi Freedman.

Words to live by!

I've written about the Jewish concept about the Yetzer Ha'rah and the Yetzer Ha'Tov before, basically they are the evil/bad and good inclinations.

The Lubavitche Rabbi once said (and I live by these words) that self-pity is the ultimate victory of the Yetzer Ha'ra.

That is to say that self-pity is the ultimate victory for the evil forces in the world. It takes great human discipline and strength NOT to indulge oneself in self-pity and that's why many people are miserable. Not because of their reality, but because of perceived grievances and slights, past anger still simmering.

People that live in the present, and for the future are happier.

People who let go of the past and forgive are happier. Those who are trapped in the past, where there is no capacity ever for change, just an unending narrative of self-pity, have truly miserable lives and drag people down.

Yishar Koach Rabbi Freeman for a great essay!