Monday, March 14, 2016

More Depressing Links: You're Welcome

A few things from my inbox.

And believe me, I only post about 10% of what I read.

So you can seriously thank me for sparing you the actual truly unreadable stuff (too depressing, illiterate or ultimately too vomit-inducing or infuriating even for me).

Judge Jeanie: The Left Will Stop at Nothing to Prevent Free Speech

Angela Merkel: Stubborn, suicidal, Sour Kraut. 

OK, here's one nice story, a good news one (actually miraculous): The moment when their "stillborn" baby came to life. 


This is a very informative essay, do read the whole thing:

"The Origins of Political Correctness"-very useful and one to bookmark. Lots of good nuggets in here.


One percent alert! The Imperial President's daughters.