Wednesday, March 30, 2016

OH MAH GAWD: Steynapaloooza in Canada! Wheee!

Glory be! 

The best-selling author, Top 41 recording artist, raconteur extraordinaire and world-renowned Islamophobe Mark Steyn is in Canada and doing a slew of media spots and a live appearance at the Munk Debate!

Thus, you can see him on Wednesday afternoon with Don Martin, live on CTV's Power Play at 5pm Eastern.

On Thursday morning, on Global TV's Morning Show with Liza Fromer at 7am.

Then an extended appearance on the John Oakley on AM640, and then catching up with Evan Solomon on 580 CFRA in Ottawa.

For those who are SILLY ENOUGH not to come to Toronto for the live show,  it will be broadcast live in the United States on C-SPAN (TV and radio) starting at 7pm Eastern this Friday.