Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mark Steyn: Of Trains and Trump

Mark Steyn did a great little spot on the John Oakley show this morning. 

And seriously-there is something terribly wrong with Hillary Clinton's voice lately. She sounds deathly ill when she speaks between her coughing fits.

Also, thanks to Steyn for pointing toward my little bit on the raging Islamophobia we are NOT witnessing as a "backlash" in light of the stabbing of two Canadian servicemen, at a recruitment centre in mid-Toronto by some random guy explaining that Allah made him do it.

Listen to the whole spot here.

And, thankfully, for those unable to attend in person, the Munk Debate will be live cast on the Interwebbzzzzzz.

I do hope it will be archived and if so, I will be happy to deliver the BESTEST POST-FACTO MUNKO JEW-O ANALYSIS EVARRRR once Shabbat is over.