Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's Purim, Baby!

So, today is the Fast of Esther and tomorrow is PURIM.

You know, a crazy, genocidal Persian tries to kill the Jews but the Jews win, let's EAT and DRINK, etc...yaddah yaddah yaddah.

Anyway, it's not *really* a "Jewish Halloween", it's a little more involved that that. However, there are costumes and there is food, and many libations, and you must prepare little food gifts for friends and they must be sent through an emissary (slave labour-kids), you must also give money to charity and have a festive meal and hear the Megilla (Story of Esther) twice.


Another thing we do is eat SPECIAL JOOOOOOOO COOOOKIES.

They are called Hamentaschen, or in Hebrew "Haman's Ears" (Oznei Haman) because the villain, Haman wore a three-pointed hat, and he lost BIG TIME, and ended up swinging from his neck on a tree. So, basically yes-we are rubbing it in, deliciously.

I made these last night with one of the kids and they came out PERFECT. Seriously, absolutely delicious.

You should try them! We made some with jam and others with chocolate spread inside. YUM.

Perfect Purim Hamantaschen
Perfect Purim Hamantaschen FULL RECIPE:
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