Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mark Steyn: "As I've Said So Often, I'm Islamed Out"

A must read from Mark Steyn, reviewing all the times he has tried to warn us. 

It's a terrible thing to say "I told you so" about, but HE TOLD US SO.

Therefore, he must now ask, on behalf of all of us:

"Where's the "safe space" against an enemy that wants to blow up everything?"

The answer of course, is that the only 'safe space' is the one that we create, defend, and fight for. 

Like poison ivy, no matter what we cut back, no matter how many hours we spend pruning and uprooting, it will reach us through the earth and attack. 

No stupid hashtags, no stupid editorial cartoons, no songs, no baloney solidarity campaigns, nothing but containment, new immigration policies, truth-telling and actual fighting will help. 

Jihad, and the left never rest.