Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Geller: The Foes of Free Speech Are Closing In

"Truth is hate speech."

One of the main issues threatening free speech nowadays is that the left controls much of the social space on the internet.

(We conservatives have also ceded the media, the arts, the judiciary, the public school system and many other institutions to the left as well.)

They are forcing their dictum, that "truth is hate speech" onto all of us - permanently - and there are fewer and fewer ways to fight back within the current internet, social media and news reportage milieu.

Because so few individuals are willing to take upon themselves any share of the risks of truth-telling, the number of truth tellers grows smaller and smaller and the enemies of the truth grow ever more emboldened, and their numbers grow.

The war on ideas, and the war on truth is asymmetrical, just like terrorism. It is a form of terrorism.

It takes only one deranged lunatic to intimidate and silence thousands. But unfortunately, one truth- teller, at this juncture in history, simply cannot claim to yield the same kind of disproportionate influence. That is the truth.

"Truth is hate speech."

This is an essential read from Pamela Geller. 

Again it makes the very clear point that non-leftists need to develop and create their very own internet "safe spaces" because all of the current, major social media infrastructure on the web tilts left.

"As of late I have been repeatedly warned and blocked on Facebook for my reportage about violent and stealthy jihad activity, sharia oppression of women and non-Muslims, and my other activity for human rights."

"Whether it is a concerted effort by Muslims and leftists to report me to the shadowy and inaccessible Facebook authorities, or whether Facebook itself has developed code that enables it to search out and destroy points of view that it opposes and hates, it speaks to a deeply troubling development."

"Facebook policy dictates that truth is hate speech."

Finally, in perhaps one of its most blatant and sinister nods to evil, Geller reports that calls to “rape and dice” her appear on Facebook regularly (photos not for the faint of heart). 

That's where we are at. 

"Truth is hate speech."

We are at a very serious junction in history. 

We can either drive by Truth Is Hate Speech junction with our heads down, or slow down and even stop the car and do something. 

Choose wisely.