Thursday, March 10, 2016

From Der Spiegel: From the Banlieues to the Bataclan: A Trip on Samy Amimour's Bus Route

This is a very interesting article. 


Because it was obviously well-researched, and clearly written. The writers took pains to go to Muslim neighbourhoods and to mention the "Jewish question".

But the most disturbing part of the article for me is that the article merely grazes the topic of how radical Islam is destroying France from within, and that there is no direct connection made between the importation of vast numbers of rabid antisemites (so much for 'Never Again', which was always bullshit anyway), the Exodus of Jews and the disintegration of the republic into a fetid, new corner of Dar Al Islam.

It peddles a Marxist analysis of the situation for the most part, that the problem is unemployment among the Maghrebian masses. Yeah, that's the ticket...

But the article is quite lazy in many ways. How can you mention Drancy, with all its Holocaust history and not make a more implicit connect to the destruction of France? And moreover, how can one write such a piece and not go into more detail about the specifically Muslim terrorism directed specifically towards Jews in France (as it was at first, and only after that escalated from 'just', or 'random' Jews to other generalized infidel populations).

It's wilful blindness and it's pathetic.

The only person who remotely alludes to the problem, ironically, is the reformist, Tunisian-born Imam Hassen Chalghoumi. For his troubles, Chalghoumi must wear a bullet-proof vest and is now considered a Zionist pig by his own people.

"When Chalghoumi goes out on the street, which he generally avoids, he's accompanied by five elite police officers, all of them nervous with their semiautomatic weapons at the ready. It looks like a scene in Baghdad, outside the Green Zone, but in fact it is part of the City of Paris. This is what everyday life is like for a reformist Muslim in 2016 in the very city that is the historical home of human rights."

"The state is afraid," the imam says.

"Everyone knows that there are weapons depots in the banlieues. But the country's bad conscience, this talk of the victims of colonialism -- misplaced tolerance leads the state to do nothing. The broader population doesn't do anything either. Everyone is afraid."

The state is afraid.

That's quite a chilling remark.

Au revoir, France.