Sunday, March 20, 2016

President Obama is A Political (and Just Regular) Narcissist

This is a good one. 

Why is Obama bewildered and shocked when he is out maneuvered? Why the contempt for other leaders? Why the snideness, the classlessness? Why so touchy, bro?

"Bewilderment happens when reality dispels illusions."

But of course, Obama Knows Best.

"Why does Obama know better?"

"Not out of any intense study of or reflection on diplomatic and world history and international relations theory. Not because he served in the military or in the diplomatic corps or held senior posts in government prior to election as president. What graces Obama with superior insight and prudence is the simple fact of his own existence. He is his own proof of his superiority."

And of course, it's not "confidence". 

"Confidence is one thing. But Obama is more than confident. He’s narcissistic. He looks at the world and sees nothing but his reflection: rational, cool, unmoved, and always right. When reality surprises him, it’s not because he’s in error. It’s because Putin or Assad or the mullahs have failed to live up to the standards he’s set for them. Forget about them being true to themselves. They’re not being true to Barack Obama. And Barack Obama, lest we forget, is all that matters."