Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Depressing Link Dump! You're Welcome!

If for some reason you thought I didn't have a huge dump of depressing, head-for-the-hills, vomit-inducing, suck your thumb in a fetal position stories, you would be WRONG WRONG WRONG. 

I have a bunch of extremely agonizing links for you, and you can thank me later.

(Remember: Herm├Ęs scarves are a gal's best friend.)

So gird yer loins, infidels....

Pope Francis talks of  an"Arab invasion" of Europe.

Well, Arab Christians would not be a bad addition to Europe and Lord knows they need the help, you know that extermination thing is really not going so well for Middle Eastern Christians. Strangely, the Pope seems to have forgotten the word "Muslim" in his statement. I know, weird, right?

From the great Caroline Glick: Time to Draw Lines and Defend Them. An excellent column. It's disgusting how many Official Jews are gutless, leftist wankers. Evil should never be accommodated and Jew-hating and Israel-hating Jews should never be accommodated.

Instapundit: "Oh, that education apocalypse". Read all the links-you won't be sorry. All good stuff.

Also from Instapundit: "Virtue signalling is not a policy."

Exactly. But we are stuck with these losers!


Thus-The Moral Rot at the Heart of 'Refugees Welcome'. 

And as Professor Reynolds notes:

"Virtue-signaling is never about real world consequences. And the more people virtue-signal, the less virtuous they tend to be."