Monday, March 7, 2016

One Small Bit of Optimism

Normally, I am of the school of thought that there is no solution to the Jewish-Islamic war, but this article is quite interesting.

I don't know if I would go as far to say that it makes me hopeful, but it's just interesting.

The root of the conflict is not economic, so that's why "jobs" won't solve the problem. The root is a religious conflict, but if the warring religion undertakes to de-emphasize and de-program the death cult and rapid blood lust in its midst, then there is a possibility of getting to a more workable form of detente (not "peace").

So, what do you think about this:

"We want our children to live." 

Abandon the death cult, and they will.

I've also read a number of articles recently about Palestinians expressing their disgust at the non-stop incitement that flows to their children 247. That this subject is even being raised publicly within the Palestinian world is a good sign. Again-not reason for optimism, but a move toward a climate that would make a working detente more likely.