Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Magnificent Jean Vanier: "We Are All Fragile"

Words of warning about "assisted dying" (i.e murder) from the saintly Jean Vanier, one of my favourite living Catholics, and Hollee Card. 

These are terrifying times for the vulnerable.

"Assisted dying" is a licence to murder, a loving pean to the Culture of Death.

All those who live for life, need to fight this with every ounce of strength they have.

"We are all fragile, and the vulnerability that comes with the passage from birth to death is one which we must each find a way to accept."

"Living in a society that values independence over interdependence, we fear becoming a burden or losing the capacities that we think make us valuable or loved. Instead, we must be independent and strong, rather than vulnerable and weak. We dare not ask others to care for us. We feel shame when we imagine ourselves needing others – even when we think of needing our family and kin."

"...we have a special obligation to ensure that the care available to each of us throughout our lives, but especially in our final stages of life, affirms both our dignity and humanity. Otherwise, we diminish our range of experience to include only our independence. We diminish the love we can share, and the vulnerability we can show to one another."

"Such a spartan culture ultimately devalues life."

"In its place we must recommit to honouring and accepting ourselves and others by finding ways to accept our frailties, and the full course of life."