Friday, July 25, 2014

Allen West for President

I love this man: 

"Just got a call about the possibility of flying over to Israel next week to speak regarding the current conflagration facing our best ally. What an incredible and special honor it would be to be able to personally let the people of Israel know that we stand with them I can think of no more critical time for me to be in Israel and the Middle East, to lend my voice and support to liberty, freedom, and the promise of “never again.” And to my brother and sister Warriors in the IDF, I have only one request, and that is to be able to visit with you in southern Israel and shake your hand — especially Artillery and Paratroop units. I also hope to visit with the families of the two dual citizenship — American and Israeli — IDF Soldiers who gave the last full measure of devotion to God and country."

"As I have stated firmly, there is no equivocating on this issue, either you stand with Israel or with Islamic totalitarians and jihadists. And I also want to express my support to the leadership and people of Egypt for making the stand against our common enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. I find it appalling that our current administration is not releasing the promised Apache attack helicopters to you, while they released tanks and fighter jets to the Morsi government.The phone call really touched my heart and the FAA better not put a travel restriction in place at the last minute — then again, I am jump qualified!"