Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hey America, This Story Makes Me Sick

"Trigger Warning"

This is not a feel good story. Even the headline should make your blood boil. 

"VA gives new wheelchair..."


They deign to 'give' him something that he needed for years?

A veteran WITH NO LEGS could not get a new wheelchair from your stupid, crappy, bloated, evil bureaucracy. 


This should make Americans feel deeply ashamed. It should make you angry and understand that bureaucracies help very few people in reality. Bureaucracies are designed to preserve the good life of the bureaucrats.

Sure, there are good people working in vast administrations, but the tendency toward anonymous, blameless, shiftless wading-in-the-water till I get my pension mentality-with no accountability, is prevalent because these behemoths are run by humans, very flawed humans.

America- you need to be ashamed at how the disgusting VA bureaucracy treats veterans, who have put their life on the line and lost limbs and parts of their souls in order to keep you free.

G-d bless the Lowe's employees who helped this guy, as they note-without paper work-just doing the right thing.

 To wit:

"Sulsona, who lost both of his legs after stepping on a land mine in Vietnam 40 years ago, encountered an unexpected act of kindness last week after his wheelchair fell apart in Lowe's Home Improvement Center on Forest Avenue in Mariners Harbor"

"After seeing what happened, three employees at the store told him, "we're not leaving here until the wheelchair is fixed," and proceeded to repair the broken parts."

"No one needed permission, there were no forms to fill out, no incident reports -- they just saw a guy in trouble and helped," he said of the three workers."

"On Tuesday, after waiting more than two years for a replacement wheelchair, Sulsona said the VA finally delivered a brand new wheelchair to his home."

Three good men, random strangers in a store did in a few hours what the entire, disgusting VA bureaucracy would not do for this veteran in two years of pleading. 

Does it get more disgusting than this?

Here's the VA Spokesjerkoff: 

"We were very grateful that this was brought to our attention," said VA spokesman Jim Blue with the VA New York/New Jersey Healthcare Network."

(Could that sentence be any further laden with dogsqueeze?)

"Too many veterans wait too long to receive their health care and benefits and this has never been acceptable."

Really? If it's not acceptable, then how come these warriors are expected to accept the unacceptable?

How come Americans tolerate the unacceptable? 

This passive language-"it's unacceptable" just translates to 'glad to rid my hands of this'.

It's a general vague, pass-the-buck phrase that means absolutely nothing.

Contemptuous, despicable and typical.

Shame on the VA system and shame on every American who accepts the unacceptable without even a peep of protest.

Please be more like the Lowe's guys.