Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Those Three Boys Saved the Nation"


There is something that nobody is talking about so I'm just warning you all that these painful topics are haunting me and they are not going to go away and I'm not going to brush them under the rug.

First-the fact that the tunnels exist is a failure either of Israeli leadership or intelligence or both. Nobody wants to discuss this, but it is going to come up. 

Second-showing mercy to the people of Gaza is suicidal. Israel should not be providing electricity, food, "humanitarian" aid of any sort to the barbarians who happily elected Hamas. Why fund and arm your enemies? Why drop leaflets and send text messages? Nobody cares about this "proof" of humanity. It is this exact "proof" of our humanity that is getting our children killed.

They want to kill us all. They used Israeli cement to build the tunnels. Has the suicidal Israeli left infiltrated the political and military establishment to such a degree that they cannot or will not see that their actions are suicidal and that the consequence of their "humanitarian", feel programs toward barbarian jihadist savages result in the deaths of our children?

Third-The Jews that voted for Obama voted for Hamas and for Israel's destruction. 

There, I said it and I'll say it again on many future occasions. The Jews that voted for Obama are complicit in the terror war against Israel and chose their liberal sensibilities against their Jewish identity (whatever remains of it) and the Jewish state. They are Jew-hating Jews.

Whether or not the transcript of the Obama-Bibi telephone conversation is accurate or not (I believe it is), what is completely certain is that President Obama is a Jew-hating, Hamas enabler and that this is the most antisemitic administration in American history. 

And, as always-this is not just about the Jews.

America, under Obama is traveling on the well-tested road to civilizational destruction.

Societies that treat the Jews (and "their) Jews well flourish and prosper.

Those that don't, fail and disappear into the dustbin of history.

America is at a crossroads of sorts right now.

The treatment of the Jewish state is a litmus test for civilization moral fortitude, future prosperity and yes, the survival of a given civilization.

America and Israel-both young and fragile democracies have much to fear and much to fight for.

This is an existential test.