Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Caroline Glick: Obama To the Rescue-Of Hamas

Obama is a Jew-hater.  Period.

A sitting American president is rooting for Hamas against the Jews.

Caroline Glick spells out the current situation: 

"In an interview with Channel 2 Monday evening, Minister Naftali Bennett spoke of a mother at Kibbutz Netiv Ha’asara who told him that her children wake her in the middle of the night and tell her that they hear digging beneath their beds."

"As Bennett said, this state of affairs simply cannot continue. People cannot live in fear that there are terrorists burrowing beneath their homes, digging tunnels to murder or kidnap them."

"These tunnels must be found and destroyed not merely because they constitute a physical danger to thousands of Israelis. They must be located and destroyed, and Hamas’s capacity to rebuild them must be eliminated because the very idea that they exist makes a normal life impossible for those immediately threatened."

"Israel is making good progress. But it hasn’t completed its missions. It needs several more days of hard fighting. Recognizing this, Israel’s newfound Muslim allies have not been pushing for a cease-fire.  In contrast, the Obama administration is insisting on concluding a cease-fire immediately."

"As former ambassador to the US Michael Oren told the media, it is clear that neither Israel nor Egypt invited Kerry to come over. Their avoidance of Kerry signals clearly that the US’s two most important allies in the Middle East do not trust US President Barack Obama’s intentions."

"And their distrust is entirely reasonable."