Friday, July 25, 2014

What is It All About? Kill the Jews, Kill the Jews, Kill the Jews.

Perhaps you haven't heard about what the tunnels were going to be used for.

If you haven't, then you must be blind or mute. 

What can one possibly say about a populace, a "culture" or nationality that used all of it's precious resources, directed all of it's energy and all of it's manpower to building tunnels underneath the homes of sleeping Jews in order to kidnap and slaughter them. 

So, all those "pro-Palestine" people-this is what they want to happen.

If you see someone at a local rally who is pro-Palestine, pro-Hamas, they are identifying with the all encompassing kill the Jews plan.

They are in your cities, and believe me-they will not stop at Jews. 

Jews are just the beginning.

There is a little information from Gatestone above, and more in the Hebrew press.

They wanted to do this to sleeping Jews, babies, kindergarten kids, innocent civilians on the eve of the Jewish New Year. 

Absolute savage, Nazi barbarians.

The Jews survived the pogroms of the ages, survived the Holocaust, built our state, and "got used to" rockets raining down upon them from territory gained in war and surrendered in weakness for the faint promise of "peace in our time", and now we must worry about armed terrorists with sleeping pills, handcuffs and guns coming up from under the earth, kidnapping us and torturing us, coming up from the earth to murder us?!??!

That is why our soldiers are dying and why there is no such thing as "disproportionate".

There is nothing disproportionate about eradicating evil. 

Disproportionate simply means NOT ENOUGH JEWS HAVE DIED.

Our soldiers are dying to prevent armed savages from the hell hole of Gaza, from the epicentre of jihad, coming up from the earth and murdering our babies with joy. 

In my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined that America would support this vision of what should happen to the Jews.

If you are pro-Gaza, and pro-Palestine, this is what you are-supporting the Hamas jihad plan, kill the Jews 24/7 till your last breath.

My friends, be very wary of the local demonstrations in support of jihad.

Evil, murderous, savage evil may start with the Jews but never end with the Jews.

Ignore this at your personal peril.