Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Steyn: Fields of Blood

Of course there is little need to comment on this touching, brilliant essay by Mark Steyn, but I do think it's worth emphasizing the point that Israel-that is we the Jews, will never let "it" happen here (I refer, of course, to Israel).

Never, ever, ever will our murderers and their supporters walk through Israel and say "remember those Jews".

Not ever.

So as heartbreaking as this all is, and despite how utterly stupid some Jews, in power in Israel are for desperately, and pathetically wanting some kind of stupid, prize for saving barbarians at the expense of our sons and daughters (for shame, for shame), we will outlive and outlast.

"Unimaginable restraint" is stupid, reckless and means Jews are helping get Jewish soldiers killed. 

This ambassador should be recalled for his stupidity and vapid, hollow mental deficiencies.

This is shameful and stupid, evil complicity in our own murders. 

Shame also on the people who applauded him bragging about suicidal stupid-Jew misplaced pity for "innocent" civilians who elected Hamas.

“Israel did not have to send its soldiers into many of the places they are fighting today. We could have given people time to evacuate these areas — which we did anyway — and then bombed from the air all the buildings that were being used by fighters to store and fire weapons. But we didn’t. As we have done time after time, we are sending our soldiers into this hornet’s nest of Palestinian terror that is booby-trapped with mines and riddled with subterranean tunnels.”

Fuck the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Jews whose mental capacity is so limited and so pathetic that they are concerned with pandering to a 'world conscience' that loathes the Jews, and to "saving" the "innocent civilians" who celebrate the spilling of our blood and ululate while ripping the bodies of our children to pieces just as the Nazis did only a short "Never Again" time ago.


 "There are cities like Lviv or Chernivtsi all over the world, where within living memory the streets were full of Jews - people went to school with Jews, lived next door to Jews, accompanied their mothers as they shopped from Jews. And now there are no Jews."

"In his what-if? novel Fatherland, Robert Harris captures very well the silence that settles in such communities: no one ever asks, "Do you remember the such-and-such family across the street?" - or what happened to them. Just as, a few years hence, everyone in Sarcelles will agree not to ask "Whatever happened to that pharmacy?"

"Which brings us to the tiny Jewish state built in a sliver of a minority of the total land of the British Mandate of Palestine. Israel is dedicated to the proposition that there should be one place on earth where what happened to the Jews in Lviv and Chernivtsi and Baghdad (once the second largest Jewish city in the world) and Tripoli (which was once 40 per cent Jewish) and all over the map will not happen here."

"Hamas, by contrast, is committed to the proposition that what happened to the Jews of Lviv should happen here, too."

The only time I get pessimistic is when I hear statements like Dermer's that articulate this kind of atypically vapid, utopian, stupid-Jew blockheadedness, and question the degree to which this is official Israeli/IDF doctrine and why. 

Enabling the death of your own troops, and bragging about it is not noble, nor Jewish.