Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"French Jewry's Moment of Truth"

Some reflections on the jihadist pogrom in Paris. 

"On July 13, Bernard Abouaf, a French Jewish journalist, posted on his Facebook wall: “I just passed through one of the truest moments in my life.” A bit earlier, he had been an eyewitness to a pogrom attempt."

"About one hundred Muslim thugs had gathered in front of the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue in Central Paris, a few blocks away from Place de la Bastille (Bastille Circle), and threatened to storm it. Two to three hundred worshipers, who had gathered for a pro-Israel religious service, were locked inside. There were five police officers to protect them–and two dozen Jewish youths trained in martial arts who were members of the Jewish community sponsored Security Organization or of the more militant Jewish Defense League."

"The demonstrators–almost all of them of North African or Subsaharan African origin–shouted explicitly anti-Semitic slogans, notably “Itbah al-Yahud!” (Slaughter the Jews, in Arabic.) Any time they would spot Jewish-owned shops or professional offices they would cover the doors or windows with stickers urging, “to boycott the racist State of Israel.” On Sunday, several thousands pro-Palestinian and pro-jihadist demonstrators marched for miles across the city, from the heavily Muslim Barbes neighborhood to places with large Jewish populations and many synagogues like the Bastille area. The mobsters that attacked the Don Isaac Abravanel synagogue were some of them."

From another eyewitness:

"Yesterday, a part of my love for France went away."

"Another Jewish journalist, Daniel Bensoussan, told The Jerusalem Post that the demonstration on Sunday, and others on Saturday, was organized by the far-left New Anticapitalist Party. Thousands of people – leftists and Muslims from the suburbs, among them many veiled young women – marched in the streets of the capital screaming: “Allahu akbar! We all are Palestinians! Israel murderer!” Bensoussan said." 

"Never Again" is bullshit. 

Because it's AGAIN, NOW. 

The only places that Jews should even consider living in are: Australia (but they have their Lebanese issues), Canada, America (notwithstanding the anti-Jewish Obama administration) and Israel.